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Just a Quick update to Everyone before reading my Blog below. At the bottom you can go on to each story from Blog #1 and Up.  Also People are sending Pictures and Artist are giving comments to me at jerry so please continue to come back as we will try and update as much as possible. I would also like to Thank a few people for their Help on putting this together for me. Dale King, Barb Blanchard, Natalie Valentini, John Gavin, Nick Buczok, Shirley Carroll, and to the Artists and Friends that sent pictures and and stories. 

Please enjoy this video we made and Love. Enjoy



UPDATE Nov. 15th.

This is is in memory of my Brother Eric who passed away on October 29th/2020. We will miss you Brother Eric. Love You. He was the BIGGEST Merle Haggard fan you could ever find He would play his music for Hours.

LOL Bro. You kinda look like him.


A Little about Myself

Hello My name is Jerry Carroll known to many as Jerry or DJ Jerryc .  I was born and raised in a small town in New Brunswick, Canada. At age 11,  mom and dad moved us to Kingston Ontario where I went to school and worked with my brother for 3 years and then we moved to Montreal where at the age of fifteen I met the LOVE of my life Shirley who was fourteen.   At the age of seventeen and sixteen respectively, we got married.   Meanwhile from  the age  Fifteen I was working at a Tuxedo company Called Classy Formal Wear  and a few years later they asked me to transfer to Toronto where I helped open a huge plant with over 100 employees. Over the years like many couples, Shirley and I  struggled and had our ups and downs and Problems but we always managed to worked them out. “Always”  and it’s made us Stronger over the time.

Jerry 18 and Shirley 17


Jerry 23 and Shirley 22

Meet The Family Brian, Chris, Shirley, Tim and Me. ” Love You All ”


When Shirley and I moved to Toronto, we ran into a snag where our apartment was rented out to 10 people and some person ran away with everyone’s money. So we were left scrambling to find a place to live and somehow we ended up staying at a Mansion for a few days while looking for a place. It was so huge and we stayed in the butler’s lounge that had something like 6 rooms over a 12 car garage. It had a Olympic size swimming pool. LOL Oh and thanks to my BRO for throwing me in the pool when I couldn’t even swim.

This is where we had the honor in the first few days we were there, to meet a famous person that I heard on radio for years. His Name was KEN TOBIAS and my brother’s girlfriend at the time had a sister that knew him and invited Ken for a BBQ with Fun and Games. Well I will admit I was a little star struck as I grew up listening to Ken and was very familiar with his music. ‘Wow” my first time meeting someone famous. It was a great night of music and games. We played lawn darts and I almost stabbed him with one. Since then I have never met him again but always remembered how I met my first music star in person. Anyway my great sister worked very hard and found us a place where we ended up staying for many years. So the nice thing about Ken Tobias is he’s CANADIAN. Enjoy some of his Music below. Just Click on Album
Almost forty-four years later I still LOVE this women to the fullest.  I look forward to seeing her every day.  Even afteforty-four years we still have Date Night.  Kids find it so funny.  We ended up having three boys.  Like all boys they fought and hated each other growing up However, today they are best friends and do everything together. They just love to party and get together. All three boys just love to camp and yes take Daddy once in a while. We are also happy to have four grandkids Two Grandsons and two Granddaughters. They are so beautiful and fun to be with and “WOW” how do these kids know so much at 7,8,11,12 years old.  We are always shocked at what they know at their ages.  I also have three brothers and a sister One brother passed on but still have two brothers and a sister up here in Toronto. We see and talk to each other weekly. We are all healthy in this pandemic and hope all of you Keep Safe as well. For the last 10 years I’ve work for one of the best companies in Canada in the Grocery business who truly treat you like family, a great company to work for. I also started a Company Called ‘For the Love of Canada’ as I Love this Country of ours.This will be a challenge however when your passionate about something and with some hard work I will get there. The Journey begins!!

As we grow old together, Shirley and I, it is very important to me that Shirley knows that She has been the Best Friend, Wife, Home provider, and educator any husband could ever want. I love you Shirley and I dedicate this to you (But won’t forget our Date nights ) and to work hard and have financial freedom. However, I know our goals are more to stay healthy and stay safe. Cheers everyone and look after our Elderly. 


My Bro and Sis and Me


Please say Hello to My Brothers Cat BOOTSIE. The best cat ever. I never seen at cat who loves to show off so much in front of a Camera. Here are a few below. I just had to show you this guy. Best cat ever, He’s so laidback . LOL

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David Jerry Carroll


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