BLOG #13 All Mixed with Jerrys Notes on Many other Names at NASHVILLE NORTH / JACKHAMMERS and the LIL BIG HORN and also MY PERSONAL ESSAY TOPICS

Hello Everyone – As I go through my collection. I will be putting photos I have of Artists that have played Nashville North. I will also be posting pictures that people are sending me along with their CD’s/books and videos.

This Blog #13 will be updated as they become available. I thank you for coming to check out my link and hope you are enjoying what you see and hear from these great entertainers.

From Jerry Dec. 12th.  One of My hero’s passed away today. I can remember as a Kid sitting in my room and singing this mans songs so loud that my mom really thought I was going to be a singer when I grew up. But at 12 years old I was in to everything. “Scary” To this day I would still play some songs every weekend for Grandma. So hit below and sing a song or two. R.I.P Charley


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