Blog #11 Nashville North and the OCPFA

O.C.P.F.A. Ontario Country Performer Fan Association


Pictures Taken by Nick Buczok  From a Nashville Showcase.


The OCPFA (ONTARIO COUNTRY PERFORMER FAN ASSOCIATION} was operated by a Board of Directors and volunteers. We had Nashville North as a big supporter and featured many Showcases and Fundraisers along with an annual Award Show. We never had to pay for the venue or even the sound or sound tech. It was always provided by Nashville North. Everyone thought they made money when we held this, however, I can tell you first hand they did not. By the time security and staff were paid, they lost or broke even. They supported us at the OCPFA and that’s one of the reasons we held the award show at Nashville North. The OCPFA grew slowly and obtained a membership. Our goal was this “to support all the up and coming acts and showcase them”. When it came to the award show, it was for the Artists and bands who had achieved their radio, video, or entertainment for the year. The percentage was as follows. 50% was fan member votes and the other 50% was on radio air play or video play. Many artists and media reps attended our awards each year. Cliff Dumas and Doug Rowlands did the honors of announcing the awards. The Award show started with dinner and acoustic performances by Entertainers. It was even televised by Kitchener TV Cogeco one year. One result from the OCPFA is that many small towns and fairs would hire us for the entertainment. Our rules were simple. First obtain a fair size country act and surround them with OCPFA LOCAL ARTISTS and then fill in with other OCPFA artists. All acts would be paid something. We did the Fergus Truck show for many years, the Festival of Lights in Niagara Falls for two years, The Thunder Bay Barn Dance outdoor concert, Welland Farmer’s Market, the Lindsay Fair and the St. Catherine’s Country Showcase to name a few. Award Shows were held in Georgetown and Cambridge.

We also did Fundraisers in Thorold, Brampton, Georgetown, Kingston. Ottawa, Toronto, Cambridge and London. Finally it happened – instead of raising a couple hundred dollars and money coming out of our pockets(meaning Directors), we had a Radio station come to us with a proposal of paying money to the OCPFA as a supporter and sponsor. We accepted this and the OCPFA was ready to move in a new direction. However, by this time myself and a member or two wanted out as it was a lot of pressure and time dedicated and I was wanting to do other things. We paid off a few bills we had and sent all the money back to the Radio Station that sponsored us. We all went our separate ways. Now the only thing I regret is I should have passed it on and did what they do now and have tons of artists and Radio personnel on the board of directors.. However that being said, I am very, very proud of how it’s back. The OCMA’s are doing an amazing job. Please sign up as a member supporting OCMA’s

Below we have all kinds of pictures of Artists, Fans, and venues,

Here is the link. Please support the OCMA’s

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