One day as I was dj-ing at Nashville North, someone came up to the booth and introduced themselves as Dave Reid and Helen Reid. They said they had a son named Johnny Reid and mentioned he had a new CD out and gave me a couple. I took a quick listen and found a two-stepping song and played it. The crowd loved it. So that night on my way home, I listened to the cd and it blew me away. Now remember I was a DJ that knew all the dances. I could listen to a CD and say ok there’s a Two Step there’s a waltz, there’s a Cha Cha or there’s a line dance. Well I was so impressed with what was on the CD and it was so good that I gave it to the linedance teachers and they also fell in love with it and that became how Johnny was introduced to us. When we asked Johnny to play Nashville North, we knew he was good and we were playing at least 4 to 5 songs from the CD. His team put on one of the biggest shows we ever had at Nashville North and I bet 900 to 1000 showed up for this guy Johnny Reid with such a fantastic voice and it just blew everyone away with such an energetic show. Johnny played Nashville North many times over and other places where I had the honor of introducing him many times and he helped open or close many award shows for us. I can still remember looking at faces and seeing people in shock when they saw what a great voice he had. One thing about Johnny Reid is I have never seen an artist loved by so many ages from small kids to elderly people who just fall in love with him. His music is very gentle and pleases all ages. Over the years Johnny has always honored me by playing when I asked. He’s played all the clubs I looked after or owned. I have lost touch with Johnny and his dad over the years but still consider them as friends. Please support Johnny below with some of his Cd’s available on AMAZON. By the way my favorite song of Johnny’s is ” Dance with me “

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