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OCMA Awards 1998

I became part of the OCMA (Ontario Country Music Association) out of Hamilton and was on the Board of Directors for a few months when The 1998 an Award Show was coming up at the Renaissance Centre in Hamilton. Great Night with Fantastic Music. One of the Biggest winners at the OCMA’s that year was a great new Kid Named Chris Syrie. He walked away with a 3 BIG awards that night. One thing I have always just loved about Chris is his Guitar playing. He was at the time like a Canadian Brad Paisley. He just loved that guitar and would be all over it with Guitar riffs. I guess that would explain why Chris became a teacher to so many kids in the Hamilton surrounding areas . Chris Continues to make music below and  we ask that you please support him. Below are the Awards Chris Syrie won from the OCMA’s 1998


“The road to recovery starts with you…
…and the people who surround you, can determine how smooth the road will be.
Put it in drive and don’t look back!!”
The Singing Soldiers Announce Their Next Single Release – “Let it Roll”
19/10/20: Set to hit the airwaves today, country music singers/songwriters, Chris Earl and Graham Trude, known as The Singing Soldiers are pleased to announce their next single release to radio “Let it Roll”!

“Let it Roll”, written by Chris Earl and his wife Lisa, captures the true essence of challenge for those who commit to serve and to protect along with the post service trauma they often face each and every day. As Chris and Graham (both Canadian service vets) know only too well, the journey home can be rejoiceful, but only too often accompanied by emotional baggage, the memory of what has been seen that aren’t so easily erased and far too many fall into the addiction trench, as a way of numbing the painful recollections.

Out of some troubling times and yet a therapeutic release, Chris and Lisa have penned a sensational, emotionally charged story they began writing in the fall of 2018. At the onset, one might think “Let it Roll” is about a relationship gone wrong, which it is, but in an interesting twist, we soon realize it’s between a man who finds comfort in his drink until the bottle becomes his best friend – a vehicle to forget and bury what’s deep inside, until he chooses a departure from addiction with the help of a trusted friend.

Speaking from experience, Chris states: “My beautiful wife Lisa and I have had our struggles and honestly speaking, because I kept choosing a life of drinking, addiction sneaks right up behind you, grabs hold and won’t let go. So much so that you believe it’s your friend and you can trust it, but really, it’s like an angry monkey on your back. We pushed through the tough stuff and survived – together! We wrote this song so anyone could relate. Everyone’s been through a break up or two, and well…we finally broke up, with addiction, not each other and we metaphorically packed up all our emotions and hit the road! As the song says, “put it in drive and don’t look back” and we haven’t!”

Lisa contributed by stating: “Writing songs with Chris is like living the story. When you’re on the journey of real life events that affect military families, there are so many moving components – physically, mentally and emotionally. Whether you’re relocating to a new home or battling addition, you don’t know where you’re going until the story is told. There’s a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment when you write it all down, when you read it. Putting music to those thoughts and feelings is so therapeutic, it just feels like you’re on top of the world and you just have to keep going, keep moving forward, let the negative roll off your shoulders and don’t look back!”

“We wanted to send a positive message to everyone listening. Move forward. Embrace the life you want, but remember, you don’t have to do it alone. Help is available. Please reach out.”

“Let it Roll” was produced, engineered and recorded by multi-award winning and CCMA Hall of Honour inductee, Jason Barry of Barrytone Studios (Dean Brody, Charlie Major, Michelle Wright, Terri Clark, Jason Blaine). Mastered by John Mayfield of Mayfield Mastering in Nashville, Tennessee (Willie Nelson, Rascal Flatts, Taylor Swift, Dave Matthews Band). Toronto based photographer/videographer/senior editor Corey Kelly of Tour Bus Entertainment captured the visual imagery for the accompanying video promotion.

About The Singing Soldiers
With a strong message of support and ethos, The Singing Soldiers are a touch of Outlaw and Modern Country. Their songs are written with compassion and performed with passion. Both artists bring a sincere, positive message to their listeners and a deeper understanding of emotion and healing through music therapy.
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Chris Earl
“A Song is Forever”
ᕦᓐᒃ ᔪu
Singing Soldiers

Chris Earl   Let it Roll  * SINGING SOLDIERS *


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