Blog #9 OCMA Show 1999

Awards with 820 Cham Cliff Dumas on Sunday April 18th. 1999

The Award show was coming up 1999 and we had lost the location where it was to be held. Knowing people in the industry got me thinking on what to do, so the Board started calling around and came up with Hamilton Place who came through for us. I then called a buddy and before I knew it, my buddy was on board and trying to come up with an idea!! Well two days later we get a call from my buddy saying that he’s got a gig with Blue Rodeo the night before and that all the stage equipment could be moved to us at Hamilton Place the next day after there show. Wow we were so pumped at the OCMA! Can you imagine the friend came through and even helped produce the show and had stage hands who volunteered to helped produce the show. The Award show turned out very good and it was a proud day for us at the OCMA. Even Scott Leslie stepped up and produced a booklet for us. See below



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