Blog #12 Dixie Chicks at Nashville North


One day Dave Deeley from Sony Music called me up and said, “Listen we have this group that’s coming up and they are growing very big in the United States and Canada so why don’t you get them here and if you don’t make the money we will cover any losses”. I thought wow what a deal . A “win win” for both of us and radio would be on board everywhere. So I went out and signed the DIXIE CHICKS for $3,500 US ( I have the contract somewhere and when I find it I’ll post it.) This was in October for the following July- 9 months away. By the time the Dixie Chicks arrived they were on their 3rd. #1 hit and 3rd tattoo on their legs. The main singer Natalie, was so sick that night and exhausted from the tour, and by the way, they were also now making close to $50,000 a gig from what the Sony rep said, but The DIXIE CHICKS still honored the contract and put on a great show. The place was jammed with people even outside trying to look in the windows. The owner was nice enough to open the two side doors with security on them and all the people could hear them outside. I remember going outside and you could hear them so good. It was like an outdoor concert.and put Nashville North on the Map. It’s kind of funny that night I was so interested in making sure everything went well that I forgot to get a picture taken. I will say I took pictures of everyone else though.

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Dixie Chicks Live at Nashville North

Brother Clayton with Dixie Chicks


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