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John Landry

John Landry became a huge part of Nashville North in many ways. He had his debut CD release party in 1999 with us ( Forever Took Too Long ) with many radio stations on board. He supported Nashville North and The OCPFA’s by either showing up or doing showcases for us so many times
His debut album had so many releases that made the Top 40 countdown in Canada. “There You Were” went to #7 and BIT by BIT went to #9 and was one of the best two stepping songs at Nashville North. After that was ” Long Gone Forgotten” which went to #16 He followed that up with two of the girls from LACE with “Which Way is Love” featuring Beverley Mahood and then My Heart says Yes ( but my Hurt says No ) with Stacy Lee


Jamie Warren

What can I say about Jamie Warren? Well This!!!! From Day One Jamie was there for us. Whether it was OCMA’s, OCPFA’s , Nashville North, Lil Big Horn or Jackhammers, any time we asked for his help, Jamie obliged. He was there for so many showcases and the man would stay all day till the last artist went on stage so he would see every one of them. I’ve never met a guy that loves music like Jamie does . He lives and breathes it daily on Facebook. He continues to make great music and still puts on many shows.


He also hosted some of the award shows for the OCPFA along with Thomas Wade. These guys made us laugh so hard they could be called a comedy team. The award show went great and they got everyone in good spirits.. Jamie was nominated and won many awards with the OCPFA.

As mentioned Jamie Warren is still very much into helping others in the music business and also continues to make new music. Jamie and I continue to be friends and talk often. Please support Jamie by clicking on any of the Cd’s below.






Vince Roy

Vince Roy was someone who showed up one day at a showcase and the crowd adored him . He belted out a bunch of songs and the audience fell in love with him. . Over the past couple of years Vince hosted a CD Release Party, made videos and joined us in many showcases.

A funny thing about Vince is that they were calling him Country Elvis.  Vince is a great guy plus also well mannered and I see that he has continued with his music a bit after not seeing him for years. I see he has settled down and has a couple of kids.  Please take a look at his Videos.












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